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TopBooks about classic trials

Donald Cowbourne

Donald Cowbourne's three major books provide the most comprehensive record of car trialling Pre WW2. Austen May's classic, "Wheelspin", may provide his personal view of trialling in the 1930s but Donald Cowbourne's books provide all the facts and figures on all the major events from 1902 to 1939. Absolutely unparalleled and totally essential for anyone with a serious interest in the history of trialling. MORE >

Peter Garnier

"The Motor Cycling Club" : The definitive history of the MCC. A 'must-have' for members and anyone with an interest in trials. Published 1989 by David & Charles. Hardback. 15.00 plus 2.00 P&P and available from the MCC website.

C A N May

"Wheelspin" : By far the most famous publication on trialling, chronicling Austen May's exploits through the middle and late 1930s. An essential book in every enthusiast's library. First Edition published 1945, Second Edition published 1945 and reprinted twice, Classic Reprint published 1971, all by Foulis. Hardback. I believe that there may also be a paperback version published later in the 1970s. Now out-of-print, but regularly available at autojumbles from 10 upwards depending on edition and condition. Also available, often at extortionate prices, on Amazon, eBay, and other internet sites.

"More Wheelspin" : Austen May's account of the rebirth of trials in the immediate post-war period. Another classic. First Edition published 1948 by Foulis. Hardback. I believe that there may also be a paperback version published in the 1980s. Availability as for "Wheelspin".

"Wheelspin Abroad" : Mainly concerned with continental rallies, so not strictly about trialling but included here to complete the "Wheelspin" trio. First Edition published 1949 by Foulis. Hardback. Availability as for "Wheelspin".

Roger Thomas

"MG Trials Cars" : Subtitled "An Appreciation of the Works Teams", this large format book was produced in 1995 to accompany the MGCC "60th Anniversary Weekend" celebrating the formation of the famous Cream Cracker and Musketeers MG Works Teams. Lots of photographs, some well-known, and a few (well-chronicled) captioning errors, but still a tour-de-force. Published 1995 by Magna Press. Hardback. MORE >

Tom Threlfall and John Aley

"The First Hundred - A Centennial Scrapbook" : A compilation of articles about the MCC, and photographs of Club activities. Published 2001 by John Aley. Softback. 4.00 plus 1.50 P&P and available from the MCC website.

TopGeneral motoring and motorsport books

Roy Bacon

"The Golden Age of British Motoring" : This large-format book of photographs from the Brunell Collection has been universally praised for the quality of the photography and universally slated for the appallingly poor captions. Published 1995 by Promotional Reprint Company. Hardback. Unpriced on the flyleaf and can sometimes be found in remainder bookshops. MORE >